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In New York freedom looks like too many choices


About Me.
Patrycja, from Poland, 17 year's old, student of Żeromski High School, TV shows fan, rock music addict...

televison, friends, crime novels, chemistry, teddy bears, mp4 player, rock music (not only), U2, drawing, green

grass and blue sky, New York City (I'm gonna live there), apple juice, ice creams, white chocolate, RPG games, English

language, jeans, my lovely dogs, the Internet, icons on PS, fanfics, jewellery, shoping...

TV Shows/Movies.
♥ CSI New York (the biggest love of my life)
♥ House MD (another obsession)
♥ Mythbusters
♥ Bones
♥ Iron Man
♥ Sherlock Holmes
♥ Pirates of the Caribbean
♥ Madagascar

Ships: Smacked(4ever!), Huddy, Pepperony(!), Holmes/Watson, House/Wilson (lol), Flangell (not any more), Dantana, Jibbs, Abby/McGee

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